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Graduation – Honor Society – Sports – Politics

A Step Closer to Graduation

This Friday a group of FNC students will be a step closer to fulfilling their academic goal.  FNC will hold its graduation rehearsal at the Ramada Inn on April 13, 2012 at 7:00pm.  Many of these students have gone through difficulties to achieve this goal.  This is a big step in life and the advising office would like to congratulate all these students.

Alpha Phi Sigma Honor Society – Mu Zeta Chapter

Also, on April 13, 2012 from 6:00-7-00pm the Criminal Justice Honor Society will hold a meeting for all its members. This meeting will discuss many issues relating to the Honor Society. Congratulations to the Honor Society for standing out at the National Conference in New York!

Sports & Politics

In other news, Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen was suspended for five games because of his comments about Fidel Castro.  Should he have been suspended for five games?  What about freedom of speech?  Ozzie Guillen has the perfect right to say anything he wants; after all, we live in a democratic society.  The customer base of the Miami Marlins has also the right to make an economic statement in answer, as do the management of the Marlins in hopes of preventing an economic disaster in their first year at a new ball park.

In the world of politics, it looks like Mitt Romney will be the challenger to President Obama this fall.  Rick Santorum officially suspended his campaign this month leaving a clear path for Governor Romney to earn the necessary delegates for the nomination.

The Nursing Scholarship Program

Here at the Advising Blog we have important information to share with our Nursing and Prospective Nursing students.  The Nursing Scholarship Program (NSP) application cycle has officially opened today and will close on May 8, 2012.

What is NSP you ask? The Nursing Scholarship Program is designed to aid nursing students in their academic program. The NSP provides scholarships to nursing students in exchange for a minimum 2 year full-time service commitment (or part-time equivalent) at an eligible health care facility located in a primary care or mental Health Professional Shortage Area also known as a Critical Shortage Facility. While in school, NSP participants receive tuition and fees, an annual payment for other reasonable costs to cover expenses for books, clinical supplies, and instruments, and a monthly stipend to cover living expenses.

The deadline to apply to the NSP is May 8,2012, at 5:00pm ET. To learn more about the NSP eligibility and requirements, visit

Don’t wait, this is a great opportunity for your future success.

Resume Clinic at FNC

My First Time at the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Conference!

By:  Grace Rodriguez, Mu Zeta Chapter Member (to the far left in the photo below)

This year I got to be a part of the 70th anniversary of Alpha Phi Sigma, the National Criminal Justice Honor Society.  The conference was held at the Marriot Grand Marquis in New York, NY right in the heart of Time Square.  We kicked off the conference with a very interesting icebreaker called “Happy Hour: It’s NOT About the Alcohol.”  The point of the exercise is to get to know the other students who had attended the conference. We were to sit at a different table to answer questions about our interests and goals.  I was surprised to find students with a variety of interests in the criminal justice and law fields.  It just reminded me how versatile the criminal justice field really is.

The conference’s keynote speaker opened up with a great taste of justice and fairness.  Barney Brown, who was wrongfully convicted and imprisoned at the age of 13, spoke of the struggles he faced while incarcerated in an adult prison for 38 years.  His testimony was moving, very inspiring and showed his perseverance for freedom and justice. The entire room was moved by his message and that was “we live in the best country in the world where justice is always served – sooner or later.”  His sincerity and passion for justice were evident.  He is now the Senior Legal Representative for the law firm that assisted him in his release.

Throughout the days, several presentations made their way into what proved to be an excellent conference.  The various topics that were covered included mock trials, crime scene scenarios, and DUI presentations.  Our chapter, Mu Zeta of Florida National College as we are known, also made their mark at the conference.  We competed for the community service project of the year and won!  Our chapter presented on bullying.  We worked with our existing children of inmates mentees and incorporated a program successfully used in public schools.  Our chapter decided that having this anti-bullying policy at the public school level was great but it was not enough and so, we decided to take the same ideals to the private school sector.  Our chapter implemented the anti-bullying policy in private schools in Miami-Dade County for middle and high schools.  Our community service was so innovative and impacting that out of 45 colleges and universities represented in this category, we won the community service project of the year and were presented with a scholarship and certificate of recognition.

Other chapter accomplishments at the conference include the following:

Advisor of the Year – Our chapter advisor, Jelenny Hernandez was recognized as the 2012 Advisor of the Year among a participating 400 + institutions. 

Advisor Grant – Presented to Jelenny Hernandez, Chapter Advisor, to apply to a scholarship of her own design to benefit members of our chapter.

Yoalmis Rivero – Chapter Vice President, presented on a research review she worked on related to the misuse of power by police.  She was recognized for her research and will be presented in the next publication that is quarterly sent out by the National Criminal Justice Honor Society.   

Mearli Orozco – Chapter Treasurer and Secretary, was presented with a scholarship honoring her academic excellence and community service in our field.

The conference closed with a very appropriate Retro Ball in which all the decades starting from the 40’s, were represented by the participating institutions.  Our chapter decided to represent the 40’s in honor of the inception of Alpha Phi Sigma.  

It was bittersweet having to say goodbye to those we had made friends with.  I learned a lot from this experience and I’m working toward inspiring my colleagues to attend next year’s conference in Dallas, Texas.  I cannot wait!

See you at the Fair!!! FNC Discount

Hello FNC Students,

Welcome back to a new term this semester.  We at the Academic Advising office and Student Services office, have great news to share with you.  We have collaborated with “The Fair” and are offering our students a special discount.   All you have to do is purchase your tickets for “The Fair” through their website  Once your logged in you must add the ticket to your shopping cart and include the Promo Code: FNC2012.  This website is accessible for everybody, students, staff, faculty and relatives.

There are tickets available at the Office of Student Services as well.  If you have any questions please pass by our Offices in Hialeah Campus, South Campus and Training Center.

See you at “The Fair”!!!

Scholarship Program Offered by Miami Dade County

The Community Advisory Committees award an annual scholarship in the amount of $1,500 to an individual from their target area who is currently enrolled in a college or vocational program, or has plans to attend college or a vocational school in the coming Fall.

This scholarship initiative was developed to provide financial support to assist individuals from the communities served by the CAC an opportunity to attain their educational goals. The scholarship is open to individuals between the ages of 16-25 years old. To apply, please complete the application by following the link below and return it to the CAC Staff representative no later than March 16, 2012.

Additional information regarding CAA’s Citizen Participation is available by contacting us at 786-469-4640.

FNC Participates in the Go Red for Women Campus Event

Did you know heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States? It is the number one killer of women. It claimed the lives of 33% of American women and over 8 million women are living with heart disease.

February is American Heart Association Month. It is dedicated to raise awareness about heart disease and increase the American public’s knowledge on prevention. The American Heart Association created Go Red for Women to promoting, enlightening, and empowering women to understand the risk factors of cardiovascular disease as their call of action. Florida National College just participated in the Go Red for Women on February 14.  Everyone wore red to show support for this worth cause.

MBA Program Kicks Off!

It was a new and exciting day at Florida National College yesterday.  The MBA program kicked off with our first orientation for our business graduate alumni.  The orientation was a success! Our alumni got to reconnect with their former professors and friends. They were given very detailed information about the MBA program by Dr. Bullen and Dr. Gonzalez.  Students were able to ask many questions about the program and their specific needs.  Mr. Navarro was introduced as the Advisor for the graduate program and spoke intensely about scholarship opportunities. Student Services did a great job of preparing the event and welcoming the graduates as they entered FNC.

The future of the MBA looks very promising, and here at FNC, we look forward to adding other graduate programs in the not too distant future.

In other news, the Florida primary took place this month with Mitt Romney being declared the winner. Congratulations to the New York Giants as they are the new Superbowl Champions.

For more information about our MBA program, please contact Dean, Olga Rodriguez at 305 821 3333 x. 1044.

To contact Student Services, you may call 305 821 3333 x. 1004.

Dr. Bullen & Assistant Dean, Olga Rodriguez

Information Session for individuals interested in pursuing an MBA

Hialeah, Florida – February 6, 2012 – On Tuesday, February 7, 2012, Florida National College (FNC) will host one of a series of informational session for its new Master of Business Administration degree program.  This information session will provide interested prospective students the opportunity to learn about the MBA program, meet the Division and Department Head, faculty members, and administrators.  FNC’s MBA is designed to provide students and professionals the opportunity to pursue a Masters Degree, and enhance their careers with higher level education in Business Administration. 

FNC is the first and only educational institution in the City of Hialeah to offer an MBA and history in the making.  This is very exciting and at the core of FNC’s mission of contributing to the education of a population of diverse cultures and providing quality higher educational programs to enrich the community it serves. 

FNC is committed and devoted to education, the foundation and a key component of preparing individuals for personal and professional growth and success.  The MBA program is scheduled to commence on April 30, 2012.  This informational session will be held at 7:00 p.m. at their Main Campus located at 4425 W 20th Avenue, Hialeah, Florida.  For more information, and dates of additional information sessions please contact Florida National College at (305) 821-3333.

Welcome to a new and exciting year at FNC!

There are plenty of new and exciting things happening at FNC. To start, FNC has officially been approved to offer graduate level programs such as the launch of our MBA program scheduled to commence in April 2012.  We are becoming Florida National University!  We encourage all FNC graduates to inquire about the MBA program.

FNC also has a new director of Student Services. Makeda Meeks is a graduate of the University of Utah with a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and Policy with an emphasis in Student Affairs. She is known for her deep love of campus involvement and served on multiple campus counsels. FNC encourages all of our students to visit the office of student services and take advantage of the services provided.

In education news, there is a movement to allow parents to decide the employment of teachers. Can you imagine your next door neighbor having the ability to fire a teacher? Should parents have that responsibility? Isn’t that the job of school administrators? Make sure to watch the Superbowl this Sunday!

For more information about our MBA program, please contact Dean, Olga Rodriguez at 305 821 3333 x. 1044.

To contact Student Services, you may call 305 821 3333 x. 1004.