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Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving is a very special time of the year in America.  It is a time to reunite with our family and close friends to celebrate and give Thanks to God for all our blessings and think of the things to come. The FNC Family would like to wish all our students, faculty, administrators, staff, and all their families a Very Happy and Warm Thanksgiving Day!

5 FNC Students Placed in Digitech Dental Lab

From left to right: FNC graduates Yulitza, Laritza, Ismelly, and active student Kenia, pose at Digitech Dental Lab .

Five of Florida National College’s graduates from its Dental Lab Technician program (Full & Partial Dentures and Crown, Bridge & Porcelain) were placed in Digitech Dental Lab(former Smith & Silver), a branch of Glidewell Laboratories, one of the best, if not the best chain of dental labs in the country.

Active Student Martinien Salon

Mr. Mauricio Restrepo together with Mr. Gabriel Oliveros collaborated with the FNC Job Placement office to place our students. Mr. Oliveros went to visit the lab owner and he is very proud these students  he has hired and looks forward to going to Florida National College when he is in need of more employees.

FNC Dental Lab Technician Students in the Classroom with Instructor Mauricio Restrepo

The Dental Technician continues to be in demand. He is the highly skilled craftsman who designs and constructs the attachments and replacements for our natural teeth. Upon receiving his/her instructions from the dentist, the Dental Technician with skilled hands, carefully fashions plastic and metal into a precise product.

Instructor Gabriel Oliveros Teaches His Students the Art of the Trade

Veterans Day 2011









On this Friday, November 11th, 2011, Florida National College honors our Nation’s Veterans, the men and women who have served this country with pride  in order to preserve our liberties so that we all may be free to pursue our happiness.

An American Dream Fulfilled: Dr. Ruben Coll’s Story

Dr. Ruben Coll started his medical career at the early age of 17. As a young boy, Ruben had a special calling and vocation to become a doctor.  He loved the medical profession and enrolled at the Central University of Venezuela, in his home country.  Ruben worked hard, dedicating all of his time to his studies and graduated as a Medical Doctor in 1994, when he was only 24years old.  He worked as a General Physician in a rural community for one year, as required for doctors in Venezuela.  He then completed a two-year residency in Surgery, followed by three years as a OBGYN Resident.

For several reasons, Dr. Coll made the decision in 2001, to move to the United States with his wife, and son.  He had to leave behind the rest of his family, friends, and esteemed colleagues. They arrived to the USA, the land of opportunity, seeking freedom, new unlimited opportunities, and to secure a better future for his family, especially his son.
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FNC QEP: Write It Right! Writing Workshops

Fast Food: A Cardio-renal Bullet?

by Dr. Carlos Cuervo, Florida National College Faculty Member


For the last 30 years scientific journals have reported the consequences of lipids and salt in the etiology of cardio-vascular and renal diseases. Several studies have recommended diets and provided nutritional values of different foods as a means of creating awareness and protect our body. In fact, lipids have been studied in animals and human trials in order to learn their best use. The American Heart Association (AHA) and The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) have done a deep review of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, as well as free radicals, before they published their current recommendations.

Saturated fatty acids (SFA) are “chemically saturated” in hydrogen atoms, which differ from the unsaturated fatty acid (UFA) that are less hydrogenated, and therefore, more unstable. SFA are mostly solid (butter, lard, bacon, some
margarines, coconut and palm oils, etc.) and UFA are mostly liquid (canola oil,
olive oil, safflower oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, some margarines, etc.)

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